How would you like over $3000 this season for your team or booster organization? With a Papa John’s Pizza School Team Sports Sponsorship, you can be well on your way. Papa Johns can help offset the costs of travel, equipment & meals by providing:

  • The best pizza
  • The best packaging
  • The best pricing
  • Pre-game meals
  • Fan give aways

Let Papa John’s Pizza help you deliver the best and tastiest School Sport’s sponsorship available. Your team will love it, your fans will love it & your organization will love it.


Concession sales
We sell our 14" Handtossed pizza cut into 8 Slices for only $8.99 each – a savings of more than 50% off retail prices. Each pizza comes cooked, individually boxed and is suggested to be sold pre-game by you for at least $2-4 each, but up to $5.00 each! You make at least a $5.00 profit for your organization for every pizza sold. During a season that can add up to over $1000! Earn rebates for later needs.

Pre-Game meals
With a Papa Johns High School Sports Sponsorship we will feed your team before select games. For a team of 50 young men eating 3 slices each, that’s a savings you will want to participate in.

We can supply your Spirit Squad with supplies for your most energetic fans.

Coach’s discounts
Receive special discounts throughout the year for the team. Order for away or home game needs or special events!

Money for the team
Try one of our fundraising programs to earn thousands of dollars for team needs. Choose from our successful fundraiser cards that can be used at all local restaurants. (online or delivery options).