Teacher Delivery Nights



Event Info:

  • Schools selects a date/night to raise money 
  • The night of, the staff teams will deliver to families of the school (to their homes)
  • The students love the anticipation of waiting to see whom will deliver their orders
  • Papa John's donates 20% of all sales + 100% of tips to the school/PTA
  • Prize incentives are offered before, during, and after event (for participating staff)
  • Event consist of 2-3 hours of volunteered time!

Prizes have changed:

  • Teacher with Highest Teacher Mentions per WHOLE School
    - Wins class coupon offering a free item
  • Highest Tips of the Night
    – Wins Pizza for a Month (4)
  • 65% Participation of teachers class count
    - Wins Pizza for a Year (12) 

Sales Earned per TDN:

 Still the 20% of sales and 100% of all TIPS!