School Events

Teacher Delivery Nights

Looking for a way to earn thousands of dollars for your school? Look no further. What student wouldn't want a teacher to deliver their pizza? With our Teacher Delivery Nights, families jump at the opportunity to support their school and see their favorite teachers!

Earn 20% of sales and 100% of tips back in just ONE night!

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Curbside Night

One school earned nearly $4,700 last Fall partcipating in our Curbside Night! This special COVID-friendly event allows families to pick up their pizza from their teacher at their school!

Earn the same percentage of money back as the original with 20% of sales and 100% of tips back to your school!

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Dollars 4 Dough

This is a spirit night like you've never seen before - you can do it all from home! Just enter your exclusive code when ordering online at, and have a percantage of your order go directly back to your organization. What could be easier?

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Also, take a look at our D4D 4.0 program, in which your school can earn up to an extra $10,000!

Practice & Pizza

Is there anything more inconvenient than picking up your child from practice and still having to worry about dinner? Now, you can save yourself the hassle while raising money for your team with our Practice & Pizza program.

Feed your team and earn 20% back on all orders!

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